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Monday, June 29, 2009

Dubai Properties Developers Finally Making the Going Easier on Buyers

For those contemplating a Dubai property investment the times are fair indeed, but spare a thought for what the property developers and construction houses are facing and it is a sobering trip to reality. Regardless, Deyaar one of Dubai’s primary real estate developers has found a balance.

In a first of its kind move in the Dubai real estate investment business, a property developer has curtailed development and eliminated projects after selling the units. A dual-benefit approach, Deyaar is offering its customers the option to switch the UAE properties they have already purchased with alternatives that suit their requirements.

Of course, those buying properties in Dubai (for Deyaar projects) will have to choose from the options that are remaining after their project development slash. The crux of the matter is Deyaar has paved the way for other developers to follow suit and salvage something out of the losses that seem not so far away.

What about those who have purchased UAE residential properties from Deyaar and cannot find a better alternative?

SkyDome Properties advises these parties to make a studied choice of the rest of the UAE properties for sale market and then decide. Select Deyaar projects are even being offered at specially reduced rates to make things easier on the buyer. In such a light, is it wise to forgo all the financial benefits?

If you cannot make up your mind, hire a consultant for property investment in Dubai. Look carefully at all the pros and cons he will be in a state to highlight and then go ahead with your decision to buy property in Dubai.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Real Estate Investment in Dubai

Are you ready to invest in Real Estate in Dubai ?

This is the hottest real estate market in the planet in this moment , with guaranteed returns in the short and medium term, Dubai has no equal in the world right now are you ready to jump on the opportunity or are you going to just watch it slipping by...In the past few years, the real estate investment market in Dubai has grown faster than any other real estate investment market in the world. The lands of Dubai are rich with culture and beauty and offer a style of living full of wonders and grace.

When choosing real estate investment in Dubai, there are simple matters at hand and more complex issues. The key is to find a real estate guide who understands the Dubai market, like the one available through, and one who has the ability to guide you through the process in a painless manner from offer to close. offers help to real estate investors in the area of residential real estate and commercial real estate . The agent is there to guide you through the real estate processes of buying, selling, renting and even a touch of interior design.

On the Dubai market right now there are literally thousands of properties available for sale. From the vast amount of properties both online and in print, sorting through all of the listings can be a difficult task for a novice to real estate investing in Dubai. The choosing stage of the process is the most difficult as the buying process will take only one day. Online portals are available with search engines for sorting through the thousands of listings. One of the best sites on the web is .

After the real estate investment choice has been made, the one day title transfer, and tax free nature of the purchase make real estate investing in Dubai quick and easy as long as the real estate help enlisted is prepared to handle the legal and safety issues associated with certain parts of the Dubai market.

Essentially, buying real estate investment property in Dubai is a win win situation. With the current growth and the future growth models all pointing to instant equity, the cost of a real estate investment team to help along the process will be paid back 10 fold in no time at all. Don’t leave the real estate purchase process in Dubai asking, “Did I make the right choice?” Know your options, understanding the buying procedures and enlist a trained team of Dubai real estate professional to make your dreams of owning real estate in Dubai a reality.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Dubai Property Investment

Dubai Property Investment

Buying a property in Dubai

Dubai Property Investment works in close collaboration with leading developers and real estate agents in Dubai which enables us to offer you a wide range of apartments and villas in the best of locations.

Through our research and experience in the Dubai property market we are able to bring you well-grounded knowledge and understanding of this dynamic investment market.

We place particular value upon comprehensive, reliable advice and first-class service in all our areas of business.

If you do not find the right offer for you in the extensive range available on our web site, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are confident that we will be able to find you a suitable property Buying a property in Dubai can be a daunting prospect. Before you take the plunge watch the video below :

Dubai UAE the future is here

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