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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Abu Dhabi Masdar City

A new skyscraper-free city in the United Arab Emirates is taking clean technology to heart.A space age, sci-fi Arabian city from the future.'s like another planet.That is genius! That's what you call using technology and Sustainability the right way! Go Abu Dhabi! Other countries could take note on how to combine sustaniable development with modern technology and society. Respect! Only problem I have have is that the landscape plants are ornamental and fruit or vegetable producing making them dual purpose to look good and feed the people of the future city.The question is whether this can be built affordably for large numbers of people; building a nice "sustainable" city at incredible cost for wealthy elite is one thing. Doing it for everyone is a much greater building all of this, they probably used up all the energy and pollution theyr trying to save for the next 10 yrs.