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Monday, June 29, 2009

Dubai Properties Developers Finally Making the Going Easier on Buyers

For those contemplating a Dubai property investment the times are fair indeed, but spare a thought for what the property developers and construction houses are facing and it is a sobering trip to reality. Regardless, Deyaar one of Dubai’s primary real estate developers has found a balance.

In a first of its kind move in the Dubai real estate investment business, a property developer has curtailed development and eliminated projects after selling the units. A dual-benefit approach, Deyaar is offering its customers the option to switch the UAE properties they have already purchased with alternatives that suit their requirements.

Of course, those buying properties in Dubai (for Deyaar projects) will have to choose from the options that are remaining after their project development slash. The crux of the matter is Deyaar has paved the way for other developers to follow suit and salvage something out of the losses that seem not so far away.

What about those who have purchased UAE residential properties from Deyaar and cannot find a better alternative?

SkyDome Properties advises these parties to make a studied choice of the rest of the UAE properties for sale market and then decide. Select Deyaar projects are even being offered at specially reduced rates to make things easier on the buyer. In such a light, is it wise to forgo all the financial benefits?

If you cannot make up your mind, hire a consultant for property investment in Dubai. Look carefully at all the pros and cons he will be in a state to highlight and then go ahead with your decision to buy property in Dubai.