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Friday, October 11, 2013

Best Of Dubai Dreams 2013 Full Movie Documentary

when the oil run out .. Dubai will be the only Arab country that survive thanks for the intelligent and foresight of sheik Mo for invest heavily during this twenty years... other Arab country are only invest in pretty girls and luxury toys ..

STUNNING Dubai Hyperlapse 2013 — The Best Dubai Video

STUNNING Hyper Moving timelapse video of Dubai city!!! You've never seen a Dubai video like this before! AMAZING!!

In the end, we all(westerners) have to face the fact that our life styles is as a result of cheap labour from the east and our governments and corporations monopoly on world resources. Trust me, you would not think twice about saving an indian child from a life of hard and cheap labor if it meant maintaing your comfortable lifestyle. Being from a third world myself, (Ethiopia) i know that human nature is darker and more self interested than we think.