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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Dubai real estate investors angry

June 16, 2010Ever since Dubai's property bubble spectacularly burst in late 2008, the emirate has been struggling to revive its shattered image. But the one group of investors who bought at the peak of the real estate boom say they still have no idea where their hundreds of thousands of dollars have gone. And no-one seems willing to help .


  1. Contact oasisinvestors at googlemail dot com if you have invested here-there are many who have seen this video and have contacted.I know someone who paid more than $112,000 in Oasis 2, it's disappeared without a trace as no one is willing to provide the answers. Imran Munshi was the UK agent who in 2007 was with landvestdubai as the Director then set up another business at Starhill Realty.Just like the developer he too ignores all contact with investors who have tried to get answers.

  2. But I think that there is still much more for Dubai real estate investors over there and time has not come yet to lose heart as experts are saying that prices are likely to be increased in the future.

  3. I think you have to appreciate that there has been severe financial crisis which has led to turmoil. Agents always sell in good faith and unfortunately they are the ones in the middle when the developers mess up. The developers are in possession of the funds so they should be held responsible. The market was booming 3 years ago and Dubai could do no wrong. Investors need to realise that there is alway a element of risk with any investment. So I would be carefull when publishing company and individual names on blogs.