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Thursday, December 2, 2010

UAE goes shopping for US weapons - 27 Apr 09

Despite the global economic crisis, the United Arab Emirates, a country of under a million people, is set to see its total defence spending for this year soar to over $7bn.

Al Jazeera's Owen Fay reports on the reasons behind the tiny Gulf nation's increased defence spending, which has seen it become the world's third largest importer of American weapons.

Dynamic Architecture

This Dynamic Architecture building by David Fisher will be constantly in motion changing its shape. It will also generate electric energy for itself


Amazing building in Dubai City

Take a look at this!!! It's beautiful, just like a dream!!!
Enjoy!!!! To all the people who think that this building dos not exist, go to et check out the construction updates. Sorry to disappoint u but this building will be ready very soon.

Dubai City 2010

my trip to dubai city at 2010!
burj dubai burj al arab atlantis hotel dubai mall