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Friday, October 30, 2009

Arab Advisors Group President talks about Morocco Telecom sector

مدير عام مجموعة المرشدون العرب يتحدّث عن سوق الإتصالات المغربي: الجزء الثاني - 23May09 (2:16)
يقول مدير عام مجموعة المرشدون العرب جواد عبّاسي أنّ السوق المغربي للإتصالات هائل ذو نموّ إقتصادي جيّد، عدد مستخدمين كبير و ذو عوائد جيّدة.
Arab Advisors Group President talks about Morocco Telecom sector: Part II - 23May09 (2:16)
Jawad Abbassi, Arab Advisors Group President says that Morocco Telecom market is huge with a great economic growth, large number of mobile subscribers and excellent revenues.

North Africa Holding, Rocco Forte Collection announce new projects

KUWAIT: North Africa Holding CompanyNorth Africa Holding Company
North Africa Holding Company
Kuwait | Financial Services
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, part of Kuwaiti-based KIPCO Group, hosted a press conference yesterday at Burgan Tower in Kuwait City to introduce their latest project being developed at Marrakech, Morocco. The Marrakech project was part of their three luxurious hotels under construction in collaboration with 'Rocco Forte Collection', a European company dedicated to developing luxurious hotels in the world.

The three projects are due in 2010 and 2011 in Jeddah, Marrakech and Abu Dhabi. The event was attended by Sir Rocco Forte, Chairman and Chief Executive of 'The Rocco Forte Collection' Hotels, and Emad Al-Saleh, CEO of North Africa Holding CompanyNorth Africa Holding Company
North Africa Holding Company
Kuwait | Financial Services
News | Profile | Officers

The two companies have announced their latest project being developed in collaboration, which showcased exclusive development of Assoufid resort in Marrakech. The construction of new five-star 90-all suite room hotels, golf and spa resort started in May 2009 and due to be completed by 2011. The projects also include construction of 80 luxury villas on a spacious one hectare land, now available for purchase. First phase of the project will be ready by the end of 2010.

Al-Saleh said that his company is very proud to be partnering with 'The Rocco Forte Collection'. "The Assoufid development is the result of market demand for discreetly luxurious year-round destination built and managed to the highest standard and we are very pleased to be part of it," he said. Al-Saleh noted that the two companies are able to offer villa owners a high level of luxury, comfort and security just minutes away from one of the world's most exciting and vibrant cities.

North Africa Holding CompanyNorth Africa Holding Company
North Africa Holding Company
Kuwait | Financial Services
News | Profile | Officers
is part of KIPCO Group established in 2006 with the aim of focusing investment in North Africa from Egypt to Morocco. The company was established with a capital base of KD50 million. "We have the current investment in Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco and Egypt. In May 2009, in collaboration with Rocco Forte, we launched the project in Marrakech and we look forward to brighter, productive and fruitful business investment in Morocco," Al-Saleh said.

Speaking on how the Rocco Forte Collection was created, Sir Rocco Forte acknowledged that his company started from a mere dream in 1996. "My company is relatively young. We set this up 12 years ago, and my idea is to create European luxury styles of hotels and spa. There is no company in a luxury hotel that covers major cities around Europe and so we developed 30 hotels. We developed a very strong brand Rocco Forte Collection from then onwards," he said.

Forte lauded his company's relentless expansion especially in the Middle East. He took pride in his company being appointed by an Egyptian General Company for Tourism to restore their historic Shepherd's Hotel in Cairo. He also mentioned that the new and luxurious 281-bedroom hotel due to open in 2010 in the UAE and an impending property opening in 2011 in Jeddah Saudi Arabia. "Middle Eastern people are very important and close to us since many of our customers are coming from this part of the world," he said.

On the idea behind the features and highlight of his hotel collections, Forte noted, "I want to create an atmosphere which is very intimate and welcoming. My idea of a hotel should touch the culture and heritage of the country we are in. I believe that hotel should reflect the nature and culture of the country. Our hotels carry the very strong design themes thanks to my sister. Our hotels carry the most personalized services which is dear to our guests and customers," he said.

The Rocco Forte Collection include Hotel de Russie-Rome, Hotel Savoy in Florence France, The Balmoral, Edinburgh, The Lowry Hotel-Manchester, Hotel Astoria-Saint Petersburg, Hotel Amigo-Brussels, Brown's Hotel in London, Villa Kennedy-Frankfurt, Hotel de Rome-Berlin, Le Richmond-Geneva, The Charles Hotel-Munich, The Augustine-Prague, Vendura Golf & Spa Resort in Sicily.

By Ben Garcia

Morocco, Libya ink new accords

Morocco and Libya signed several co-operation agreements at the conclusion of the 8th session of the Moroccan-Libyan High Joint Commission on Friday (October 23rd) in Rabat MAP reported.

The civil protection, tourism, air transport, customs, education, industrial zones, investment and other accords were concluded by Moroccan Prime Minister Abbas El Fassi and his Libyan counterpart, Al Baghdadi Ali al Mahmoudi.

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Kuwait Gulf Hldg To Launch Morocco Villa Proj Soon -Report

Kuwait Gulf Hldg To Launch Morocco Villa Proj Soon -Report. Monday, Oct 26, 2009. BEIRUT (Zawya Dow Jones)--Kuwait's Gulf Holding ...

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