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Monday, November 22, 2010

The Tallest Building in the World - Burj Dubai! / Burj Khalifa Middle East

The Burj Dubai tower is designed to be the centerpiece of a large-scale, mixed-use development that will include 30,000 homes, nine hotels, 6 acres of parkland, 19+ residential towers, the Dubai Mall, and a large man-made lake. The complete 500 acre development will cost about $20 billion dollars (US). Once completed, the tower will cover a total of over 22 million square feet of development.

The official height of the Burj Dubai is kept secret because of international competition, but current estimates have it rising to a height in excess of 2,600 feet. Some estimate that it will be 189 floors or so - it is to be the tallest building in the world.

Recently, the construction site already surpassed height needed to make it (uncompeted) the second tallest building in the world.

The Burj Dubai is located in Dubai which is a city in the emirate of Dubai, part of the United arab Emirates in the Gulf region of the Middle East.

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